About Us

Founded in 1992, DAN-FORM Denmark designs and produces high-quality furniture, including dining & meeting chairs, barstools, armchairs, office chairs, lounge chairs, and tables.

Our designs are exported to over 60 countries, catering to esteemed B2B clients such as leading design stores, retail chains, architects, renowned hotels, restaurants, and bars.

DAN-FORM Denmark actively participates in prominent trade shows throughout the year, including IMM Cologne and Salone Del Mobile in Milan.

Each year, we unveil a diverse range of new designs that not only align with current trends but also encompass classic perspectives and forward-looking concepts. All of our creations seamlessly embody the distinctive Scandinavian design style that DAN-FORM is renowned for.

"It's important to us, that we not only create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing designs, but that they also add functional value to everyday life."

Our Story

1992: Jørgen Mensen's passion led him to create DAN-FORM’s first bentwood chair in his basement, laying the foundation for the company. The introduction of the JACKPOT chair marked the beginning of DAN-FORM Denmark's growth, expanding its product range to include tables, lounge- and bar chairs.

2004: Sanne Protin became co-owner after 5 years with the company.

Sanne Protin assumed the role of CEO, with Jørgen Mensen remaining as Chairman of the Board. Under Sanne Protin’s leadership, DAN-FORM Denmark continued its impressive growth, collaborating with external designers and remaining dedicated to contemporary designs, high quality, and reasonable prices.

2019-2020: Our exceptional financial growth resulted in several awards in 2019 and 2020.

Today: Jørgen Mensen has sold the majority of his shares to the investment company Röko, while Sanne Protin retained her shares and continued as CEO, driving sales to new heights.

DAN-FORM Denmark is celebrated for its high quality and innovative designs and continues to be a successful business with strong financial results.

“Our deep understanding of our customers
needs and our unwavering commitment
to meeting and exceeding them is one
of the cornerstones of our success.”

– Sanne Protin –

Our Vision

With roots deep planted in the Scandinavian soil, our brand marries timeless Nordic design principles with a worldly perspective. We are inspired by beautiful designs that add a visual and functional value to everyday life, seamlessly blending the essence of Scandinavian elegance with an international flair.

We spot tomorrow’s trends and translate them into our designs, continuously introducing new models and designs. Discover the perfect blend of Scandinavian elegance and international flair as we aim to add that 'little something extra' to all our creations — be it through decorative stitching, elegant conical legs, exquisite materials, or distinctive design features.

Awards & Recognitions

For two years in a row, DAN-FORM has been awarded the prestigious Børsen Gazelle for high growth in 4 consecutive financial years.

Recognised as being among the top of the European businesses, DAN-FORM was awarded a Ruban d'Honneur in 2011.

Jørgen Mensen was awarded the title as Power Champion in the Innovation Champion awards in 2010.

Meet the Designers

Through close collaboration, our design vision is brought to life by skilled designers from our in-house team and external partners. Our combined expertise and innovation result in furniture that seamlessly blends aesthetics with form and function, and delivers superb seating comfort.

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