DAN-FORM's Code of Conduct

At DAN-FORM we strive to create and nurture a healthy work environment for our employees, as well as employees working for our business partners.

Our internal culture and overall values are a result of our Scandinavian heritage, which is based on openness, honesty, respect for others and many more democratic values.

Our Code of Conduct covers our expectations for partnering companies and reflects our Scandinavian and democratic worldview.

DAN-FORM’s intention is that our Code of Conduct will assist in creating a healthy and professional work environment in all steps of the supply chain. We do however recognize that with the fast pace of change in our world today, our Code of Conduct will not be able to cover all situations, but will serve as a solid guideline.

Our Partner Code of Conduct is in line with the BSCI Code of Conduct.
As part of the BSCI, producers are audited annually to ensure that working conditions of the employees are gradually and continuously improved.

We expect all our other business partners to follow our Code of Conduct.

Partner Code of Conduct

All DAN-FORM’s producers commit to adhering to our Code of Conduct by signing this Partner Code of Conduct as part of their contract with DAN-FORM. DAN-FORM’s Partner Code of Conduct aligns with the BSCI Code of Conduct.

I. Fair working conditions:

DAN-FORM expects business partners to offer their employees fair working terms including (but not exclusive to):

  • The rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining
    allowing workers the possibility to form a union and respect workers’ rights to bargain collectively.

  • Fair wages
    offer workers sufficient wages to make a decent living for themselves and their families.

  • Decent working hours
    DAN-FORM’s business partners are expected to keep in line with the International Labour Standards on Working time (ILO), including setting a maximum for weekly working hours, providing possibilities for rest and more.

  • Healthy working conditions
    DAN-FORM’s Business partners must ensure that there are systems in place to detect, assess, avoid and respond to potential threats to the health and safety of workers.
    Our business partners must also ensure access to drinking water, as well as safe and clean eating and resting areas

  • No discrimination
    Business partners must not discriminate based on gender, age, religion, race, social background, disability, ethnic and national origin, nationality, membership in unions or any other legitimated organisations, political affiliation or opinions, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, diseases or any other condition that could give rise to discrimination.

  • No bonded labour
    Our business partners are expected to only employ workers that engage in employment voluntarily.

  • No Child labour
    DAN-FORM’s business partners will not employ children under the age of 15, unless exceptions recognized by the ILO apply. For young workers, our business partners must ensure that their work is not harmful to their health or development, and that their working hours still allow them to attend school.

The Producer shall post this Code of Conduct in the language(s) of its employees, in all major workspaces, train employees on their rights and obligations as outlined by this Code of Conduct.

II. Ethical business behaviour

With our own ethical values based on our Scandinavian heritage and the highest levels of integrity, DAN-FORM expects the same level of integrity from our business partners.
We will not accept our business partners being involved in any act of corruption, extortion, or any form of bribery.

Further, our business partners must process personal information with reasonable care to comply with privacy and information security laws and requirements.