Seams & Stitching

Our highly skilled production team create decorative seams and stitching on our chairs. The stitching accentuates a certain style on the chair, and is therefore key to some of our designs.

Some of our models, such as DOLPHIN and FLAIR have handsewn cross stitching, whilst our KARMA chairs have a handsewn loop stitching.

The cheeky baseball stitching on the HYPE chair and the decorative seams on the COMBINO chair bring depth to the designs.

The diamond/quilted seams add elegance to the design, for example on models like DUAL and ROMBO.

Featured products

Here are a few examples of the designs that have seams or handsewn stitching as an integral part of the design.


Light brown leather with chrome legs

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HYPE chair

Vintage grey art. leather with black legs

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ROMBO armchair

Vintage light brown art. leather with black legs

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KARMA chair

Vintage cocoa art. leather with black legs

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