DAN-FORM & Sustainability

We aim to strike the optimum balance of implementing environmentally friendly processes without compromising on the design value of our products.

In 2021 we have renewed our focus on our impact on the environment and our surroundings and what our part is in creating a more healthy, responsible and sustainable future for furniture production.

We are working on promoting and enforcing as environmentally friendly processes as possible through all stages of the production process; from suppliers and raw materials to the sale and distribution of the finished products.

DAN-FORM obtains FSC™ certification

In October 2021, DAN-FORM was FSC certified. This means we have committed to using wood from well managed forests in our furniture.
We have decided to make all our new designs from January 2022 onwards with FSC certified wood.
By 2025, all our current designs will be changed to FSC certified wood only.

RPES - fabric from recycled plastic

We have introduced a polyester upholstery fabric for our 2022 range, which is made from recycled plastic.

The fabric qualities are the same or even better than other types of polyester upholstery. Plus there are many environmental benefits to selecting products with this type of fabric.

Read more about our new RPES bouclé fabric.

FSC certified wood is important for our sustainability journey.

A high quality is a focus for us. Read more about DAN-FORM's quality.