DAN-FORM & FSC™ certified wood

In October 2021, DAN-FORM obtained its FSC certification.

The certification is an important step in DAN-FORM’s sustainability journey, as it ensures the use of wood from responsibly managed forests and good working conditions for those working in the forests. It also allows us traceability through our supply chain.

DAN-FORM has committed to using only FSC certified wood in all new product designs from 2022, and to continue the work to switch all current models to FSC certified wood no later than 1st of January 2025.

What is FSC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council™. Their mission is to ensure that all forestry happens under environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable terms.

The certified forests are sustainably managed (for example by re-planting or leaving the forest for natural re-growth) and appropriate working terms and adequate salaries for the workers are ensured.

For companies producing or selling wood or wood based products an FSC certificate means that the company and all its suppliers can track the wood used in their FSC certified products back to well managed forests.

An external audit is conducted once a year to ensure continued compliance.

Read more about what the Forest Stewardship Council is all about here: https://fsc.org/en/about-us

Why is DAN-FORM FSC certified?

Most of our furniture designs contain wood – whether it be in the formpressed plywood inside upholstered seats, as paper for our paper cord, or for wooden elements like furniture legs, table tops etc.

FSC certification is one of the steps we believe is necessary for our commitment to effective environmental and social standards.

By investing in FSC certification, we ensure accountability and traceability through our supply chain, that not only gives us an environmental benefit, but also goes hand in hand with our Code of Conduct in requiring our suppliers to live up to international standards and laws on fair employment conditions.

Products will be clearly marked with the FSC label online, and on all documents for your orders.