Through 25 years, DAN-FORM, led by Joergen Mensen and Sanne Protin, has succeeded in both designing and finding designs that are commercially minded and work for domestic markets as well as international markets.

Joergen Mensen has designed more than 1,000 chairs for DAN-FORM, both from his own ideas as well as in collaboration with other designers.
He started DAN-FORM based on a bentwood chair called JACKPOT, and was a great part of the design development of the DAN-FORM modern classic; DOLPHIN chair.

"Sometimes I get blown away by a simple shape I see in nature or in the street. It kickstarts a train of constructional thoughts on how to derive a chair from that shape. I work both on drawing boards and build models of whatever materials I can get in touch with to see the design in real life."

Sanne Protin has an eye for which designs work well in both contemporary and traditional homes. She finds inspiration from her many trips around the world, and collaborates closely with our suppliers and customers to find the next bestseller.

"The work with our highly skilled designers is a continuous challenge, and each project is breathtaking from idea to launch on the furniture fair."

FLAIR dining chair by Sanne Protin

Below you can see which Sanne Protin designs are currently in DAN-FORM's range:


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