Bjarke Nielsen

The Danish designer, Bjarke Nielsen left Denmark as a 19-year-old to live in England and France and in 2008 he moved to Asia. Finding inspiration in his international experiences, Bjarke enjoys innovative designs.

"There is something special about the Dolphin chair.
The organic shape gives a sense of life and movement - grace maybe."

Designing a classic

One of Bjarke Nielsen's most popular designs is the DOLPHIN chair from 2004.

Bjarke Nielsen collaborated with DAN-FORM's founder Jørgen Mensen to take his DOLPHIN chair design to market. It is still a key product in DAN-FORM's range. Read more about the DOLPHIN chair in our press release.

DAN-FORM designs by Bjarke Nielsen

Here are the designs by Bjarke Nielsen, currently in the DAN-FORM range.


Vintage black art. leather with round black legs

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Black leather with chrome legs

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