Finn Nielsen

As our Product manager and in-house designer at DAN-FORM Denmark, Finn has an apt eye for design.
Finn has extensive experience from the furniture industry, amongst others as a Product manager responsible for product selection in the Danish furniture retail chain, ILVA.

Besides from designing furniture, Finn also cooperates with our external design partners to adjust and perfect the designs.

"Each design needs to strike a chord with the viewer.
It should spark an interest, a wondering."

Design features & comfort

In his designs, Finn strives to unite distinct design features with high comfort.

Finn is often visiting the production to closely monitor the production of the initial samples, ensuring that multiple tests of the comfort is made to get it just right.

From his vast experience in furniture design, Finn knows how to add that little something extra that DAN-FORM takes pride in offering in each of our designs.

DAN-FORM Designs by Finn Nielsen

Here are the designs by Finn Nielsen, currently in the DAN-FORM range.

FIERCE chair

Vintage light brown art. leather w. black legs

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GAIA armchair

Vintage grey art. leather with black legs

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YOLO table

Black stained ash veneer with black legs

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