Marianne Bjarløv

Danish designer Marianne Bjarløv has been designing furniture for DAN-FORM for many years.

Marianne understands how to design for various styles, and her furniture can be classified as modern with a playful twist.

"It was a highly exciting moment to finally sit in the chair and feel the real-time embracing of my 'butterfly wings'."

Organic Shapes

Marianne Bjarløv's designs typically have interesting, unique characteristics that make them stand out and become a feature of every room.

Organic shapes are at the heart of Marianne's latest designs for DAN-FORM.

DAN-FORM Designs by Marianne Bjarløv

Here are the designs by Marianne Bjarløv, currently in the DAN-FORM range.

CLOUD bar stool

Vintage light brown art. leather with round black legs

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CLOUD chair

Vintage black art. leather with round black legs

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