Steffensen & Würtz

The Danish designer duo consisting of Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz Mogensen have worked with design for more than 10 years, and have received several awards for their designs.

The company Steffensen & Würtz was founded in 2015 on the belief that their designs should be based on and reflect an understanding of design trends and tendencies in furniture and lifestyle, to ensure designs that are desirable and products that make your everyday great.

"There has to be aspects to explore from whatever angle you experience a chair."

A dynamic vibe

Designs from Steffensen & Würtz can be classified as simple but powerful and with characteristic design features that stand out.

DAN-FORM designs by Steffensen & Würtz

Here are the designs by Steffensen & Würtz, currently in the DAN-FORM range.

ZED chair

Vintage light brown art. leather with black legs

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