FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Please contact us if you have a question you cannot find an answer to.

Purchasing from DAN-FORM

Who can buy from DAN-FORM?

DAN-FORM only trades B2B. Private/consumers are advised to contact us for information about the nearest store.

To become a DAN-FORM furniture dealer, please fill out the Account Application Form.
All accounts are subject to a credit check and your specific credit limit and payment terms will depend upon the credit check.

Where can I buy DAN-FORM products?

DAN-FORM only trades B2B.
If you are a private person/consumer, please contact our customer service for information about a store close to you.

Where can I see prices?

As a business user of our website, you can see your prices as well as stock information when you are logged in. Should you wish to receive prices as an offline file, please contact our sales support.

If you do not have a login, please contact us.
If you are yet not a customer with DAN-FORM, please fill out our Account Application Form to become a dealer of DAN-FORM's designer furniture.

Where can I see stock availability?

As a business user of our website, you can see stock information as well as your prices when you are logged in.
Please contact our sales support to enquire about stock availability of products that are not in our current range/online. DAN-FORM can serve our customers with an offline stock list on a weekly basis.

If you do not have a login, please contact us.
If you are not a customer with DAN-FORM, please fill out our Account Application Form to become a dealer of DAN-FORM furniture.

Can I make amends to my order after sending it to you?

Should you have changes to your order, they must be done before we send the order to our warehouse for picking.
Please contact us as quickly as possible (within the same day or the day after you place the order) in order for us to check whether the order has been sent to be picked at the warehouse.

How do I purchase online from DAN-FORM?

Registered B2B customers can get a login to our B2B portal online, to access our webshop. 
Our webshop contains our available range.

Simply go to 'Collection', find the products you need and add them to the shopping cart. Adjust the quantity, and go to cart.

In the cart you can fill out any line notes, such as customer names or other references.

Click "Proceed to Checkout" to see your checkout information:
- An option to fill out a PO number or order reference
- Select an existing delivery address or enter a new
- Select split delivery if shipment of your order lines are more than 3 weeks apart
- Select the payment method (note: Customers on prepayment can only select credit card payments).
- Enter a comment for your order.

Once completed you can proceed to place your order.

When the order is received and handled with us, you will receive a final order confirmation that will state shipment dates and prices.

Delivery / Shipping from DAN-FORM

How quickly will you ship my order?

For items we have in stock, we pack and ship the items within 5-10 days after receipt of your order.
Depending on which country your company resides in, delivery can take 1-2 weeks.
For Denmark, deliveries are made within 2-4 days.

For goods that are not in stock, lead times vary. For accurate information about the particular product you are looking for and for a specific quantity, please contact our sales support.

Where can my carrier pick up my order?

For any orders placed under Ex-Works terms, transport must be arranged by our customers themselves.

Pickup must be arranged from our warehouse:
BFT Logistik
Overholm 7, Hatting
8700 Horsens

Please note that your carrier must bring the order number (starts with OC on the order confirmation), as our internal processes dictate that no orders will be released from the warehouse unless an OC-number can be presented.

Are goods delivered on pallets?

As a standard, orders from DAN-FORM are not delivered on pallets.

For customers who wish to have their goods delivered on pallets, an additional charge is added to the order.

Make sure to highlight that you want pallets included, when you place your order.

Alternatively, you can use the pallet exchange system and instruct your carrier to bring the same number of Europe (EUR) pallets to the warehouse to receive goods on pallets at no additional charge.

What does the delivery term "Ex-works" mean?

When products are sold “Ex-works”, our customers will need to arrange pickup and delivery of the goods from our warehouse through their own carrier.
Please note that goods are not delivered on pallets. (See “Are goods delivered on pallets?”)

DAN-FORM can assist in booking transport of the goods at an additional charge.

When the order is packed and ready to be picked up, our customer service team will inform you directly.

Please make sure to book pickup from our warehouse address: BFT Logistik, Overholm 7, 8700 Horsens, Denmark.
The carrier must bring the order number (starts with OC on the order confirmation), as no orders will be released from the warehouse unless an OC-number can be presented.

After Purchase

My product arrived with a dented box

When you sign for your goods, please note upon receipt that you are receiving the goods with reservations.

If your product has been damaged in transport, please take pictures of the damages and send through to our sales support at info@dan-form.dk, who will then take care of your claim.

I am missing a box from my delivery

If you happen to find that one or more order lines are missing, please do the following:
1. Only sign for the number of boxes you receive.
2. Check your order confirmation. Some orders with multiple lines will be split into several deliveries if some of the order lines have more than a few weeks in between.
3. Should you find that all order lines were listed for delivery at the same time, please contact our sales support.

My leather chairs have colour variations

Leather is a natural product and each hide will receive colouring differently.
Therefore, you can experience colour variances from one leather chair to the other.
This is perfectly normal and is not considered a fault with the product.
If you have some older leather chairs, these will change colour due to use, sunlight and changing temperature/humidity, and compared to new chairs, there can be significant colour differences.

Where do I send my claim?

For private consumers:
If you experience an issue with your furniture, please contact the vendor of the product.
Please document the issue, preferably with photos or video, and please ensure you note the PO number you can find on a label underneath the furniture.

For vendors of our products:
Any claim must be submitted in writing to info@dan-form.dk. Please enclose a description and documentation such as photos or video. Please also include your order number (starts with OC), and the PO number that can be found underneath the furniture (to allow us to track the product back to production batch).

We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

More questions?

We are happy to help with any questions you could not find the answer to in the above.

Contact our Sales Support/Customer Service

e-mail: info@dan-form.com

Tel: +45 44 48 11 20