Hørsholm, 14 September 2021

DAN-FORM builds new warehouse

We’ve outgrown our current three warehouse locations, and therefore we are now building a brand new warehouse in Skanderborg, Denmark.

The new warehouse is under construction already and it will give us 11,000 useable squaremeters, leaving us room to grow our business even more.

The walls are going up at the new DAN-FORM warehouse site, September 2021.

CEO, Sanne Protin, says; “I am so excited by this investment in DAN-FORM’s future. Having our goods in one location will save us time in both transport and when picking each order. It will simply take our service to new levels and allow us to offer our customers quicker picking and packing.“

We look forward to be moving our goods into the new warehouse around the end of 2021.

The building is taking shape. As is custom in Denmark, a celebration called "rejsegilde" marked the walls and ceilings being in place on 29th October.

Beginning of December and the new shelving has been mounted; floor to ceiling, and it just seems to go on for miles.

The move has started and it is already looking nice with the boxes all the way to the ceiling.