Hørsholm, 19 May 2022

DAN-FORM celebrates its 30th anniversary

On 19 May, DAN-FORM celebrated its 30th anniversary in the furniture industry.

From a small one man company, founded by Jørgen Mensen in his basement, with just one bentwood chair to sell, to an international furniture company launching a vast number of designs every year.

A lot has happened in the last 30 years and DAN-FORM’s CEO, Sanne Protin, looks back at her 22 years with DAN-FORM.

Sanne Protin in DAN-FORM's showroom, marking DAN-FORM's 30 years in Danish design.

Continuous progress and solid sales performance

”It has been an exciting journey with DAN-FORM over the years. We have sped up DAN-FORM’s development in recent years, and we have several initiatives and improvements launching soon.

Most importantly is that we made improvements to our end product; We have changed DAN-FORM’s design process to focus on designs only from (Danish) designers.
We have also strengthened our focus on quality significantly both in-house and externally and we have improved our data and processes of controlling product development – all things that benefit our B2B customers.

In addition to what benefits our customers directly in our furniture, we have had an impressive sales record. Obtaining 2 Gazelle awards for high growth – we would have achieved one more had we not changed our fiscal year – and we have increased the share of larger, international container clients in the medium/high segments considerably, which means we are in a great place with our design portfolio.”

Selling DAN-FORM with specific requirements

In October 2020 Jørgen Mensen, Founder of DAN-FORM, sold the majority of shares to Swedish investment company Röko.

Sanne comments: ”It was quite a long process to finalise the sale of DAN-FORM. Jørgen wanted to sell his shares and retire but at the same time he was adamant that he did not want to sell to a typical investment company if it meant cost savings and reshaping for a potential resale within a short timeframe.

Luckily, we ended up selling to Röko, who have a different approach to how they work with the companies they buy. Our new board and the people behind Röko completely gets us and appreciates the DAN-FORM spirit and culture.”

DAN-FORM’s success

When Sanne Protin is asked about what she believes is the foundation for DAN-FORM’s success, she doesn’t hesitate to answer.

”The passion of our employees and the cooperation we have with partners, customers and within our own 4 walls here in Hørsholm, are some of the deciding factors for our current success and for us continuing to drive DAN-FORM to the next level.

Also, we have managed to introduce some really great designs over the years, some that are looking into the future, others that fit right into today’s trends and finally some that simply lasts year after year. This mix has positioned us in the industry. We see that on furniture fairs; a lot of people from the industry make it a priority to come by our stand to see what we are showing.”

What is in store for DAN-FORM in the future?

”We have so many interesting initiatives happening right now.

To begin with we have our sustainability agenda which supports quite a lot of the improvements we are currently working on. Last year we obtained an FSC™ certification (FSC™-C171164), which we have already launched for our 2022 news. We have set ourselves the goal that all our designs must be FSC certified by 2025.

Further, we have launched some of our models with fabric made from 100% recycled plastic and we have more initiatives that will be introduced later this year.

Our sales to larger container customers has, as mentioned earlier, increased significantly and we intend to keep growing in that segment whilst at the same time servicing our small to medium sized European customers from our Danish warehouse.

So far we have done well through these last couple of years with lock downs, lack of containers on the world markets and increasing commodity prices. Therefore we will face the inflation and uncertainties about price increases in high spirits and with a strong belief in our abilities.

I am confident that our concept is strong and our business has such a wide geographical spread that we will always be able to sell our designer furniture. The world is our playground.”

--- END ---