Hørsholm, 19 January 2022

DAN-FORM renews focus on sustainability & obtains FSC™ certification

Early 2021, DAN-FORM hired Erling Pallesen in a newly created position as Quality Manager.
A key part of the role is to implement documentation and ensure compliance, which naturally also includes DAN-FORM’s current environmental impact and sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain.
Erling’s work has led to DAN-FORM being able to accelerate its sustainability initiatives, obtaining an FSC certification in October 2021 as a first step.

The FSC certification means DAN-FORM will be using wood from well managed forests in its furniture.
DAN-FORM’s commitment is that all new designs from January 2022 onwards will be made with FSC certified wood. By 2025, all current designs will be FSC certified.

The FSC certification is an important milestone

Sanne Protin, CEO of DAN-FORM, says: “In 2021 we brought back focus on our environmental impact and how we can build a more sustainable future for DAN-FORM. One of the steps on this journey is the FSC certification, which we are very excited about. Making sure that the wood for our products come from well managed forests with proper working conditions builds on our values as a Scandinavian company.

We are happy to be able to offer our clients the confidence that comes with a certification from such a respected institution as the Forest Stewardship Council™.”

More to come in 2022

The FSC certification is, as mentioned, just one milestone on DAN-FORM’s journey towards becoming a more sustainable company.

Sanne Protin continues: “The furniture industry has historically not been the most environmentally friendly, and we believe now is the time to try to improve that.
We have some good initiatives planned for DAN-FORM to progress in the sustainability area, some of which will be launched with our new 2022 designs.

This is just the beginning for DAN-FORM. There is much work ahead and it will take time, but we are committed to taking those steps and continuously improve on our environmental footprint.”