Hørsholm, 25 May 2023

DAN-FORM reports record-breaking year in 2022

DAN-FORM closes fiscal year 2022 with a record-breaking growth both on the top-line and bottom-line.
According to DAN-FORM’s CEO, Sanne Protin, a combination of strategic focus, new customers and long-term investments have been a major influence on the success.

A proud CEO for DAN-FORM, Sanne Protin says; ”2022 was an exceptional year for DAN-FORM. We are now seeing the results of many of our strategic initiatives over the past 5-7 years, and it is a pleasure to be able to present such a strong financial result!”

As examples for those strategic initiatives, Sanne Protin mentions an increased marketing effort with a B2B webshop, new IT systems and especially an increased focus on acquiring new customers outside of Europe.

Sanne Protin elaborates; ”Our sales team has done an amazing job in building our presence in markets outside of Europe. We have acquired many new customers, and our sales to larger, overseas retail chains have increased dramatically. This has resulted in a shift from having the majority of our turnover come from customers ordering from our Danish warehouse, to now having over 75% of turnover come from our ‘direct container’ customers.”

However successful in the direct container segment, DAN-FORM is not planning on cutting down on its stocked range, Sanne Protin ensures; ”Our warehouse customers will always be an important part of our customer base. They value the fact that we stock the products, so they don’t have to have their money tied up in stock before they make a sale.
That’s why we have invested in a new warehouse facility in Skanderborg, which will allow us to more effeciently serve our European customers. And we are working on offering a quick 3-5 day delivery time for all our B2B customers in Europe.”

DAN-FORM's CEO, Sanne Protin, in the DAN-FORM showroom.

A challenging 2023 – with positive trends

Following an extraordinary 2022, DAN-FORM is seeing a slower 2023. But that doesn’t mean the team will be slowing down.

Sanne Protin says; ”Our customers’ stocks are full at the moment and of course we have seen this influence on our sales across Europe. But if we take into account the way our new designs were received by both existing and new customers, coupled with the conversations and feedback we have had on the furniture fairs this spring, we see an overwhelming positivity.
The industry seems to have a positive outlook for the rest of this year and especially for 2024, so of course we do too.”

Finally, Sanne Protin summarises; ”DAN-FORM is working on several new projects, many new customers are joining us, and we have a busy second half planned participating in the furniture fairs M.O.W in Germany, High Point in the US and Möbelmässan in Gothenburg.
And as always, we have plenty of new designs on the drawing board to be introduced throughout the year. I believe we are looking into a very successful 2024 for DAN-FORM.”

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