Hørsholm, 3 October 2019

DAN-FORM awarded Børsen Gazelle
for the first time

Furniture design & manufacturing company DAN-FORM Denmark wins its first ”Børsen Gazelle” after a successful financial year 18/19 and several solid growth years.

Over the last 4 years, DAN-FORM Denmark, led by CEO Sanne Protin, has seen significant growth and more than doubled its gross profit. This achievement resulted in DAN-FORM being awarded the prestigious Børsen Gazelle. An award given to companies in Denmark who have grown significantly over a 4 year period.

According to CEO, Sanne Protin, DAN-FORM’s success is due to a greater focus on new design, new markets and a unique team spirit: ”We have increased our cooperation with external designers and that ensures our designs are unique and it brings a fresh, new outlook every time our external designers voice their views on how furniture design can be interpreted. Our strength lies within ensuring our products live up to our three key features of design, functionality and not least comfort. At the same time, we add that little something extra that makes the furniture a DAN-FORM design, and that’s what we are told our customers value.

Further, we have managed to build a strong team with many years of experience in furniture design and production. Our team has continuously worked on streamlining processes, which have enabled a higher efficiency. I am very proud of the many new improvements made over the last couple of years.”

DAN-FORM’s concept is to offer modern furniture designs in a Nordic style with a global touch, and that is why DAN-FORM introduces many new designs, trend colours and materials every year at the IMM Cologne furniture fair. Preparations for the IMM fair in 2020 has been on for months, and at DAN-FORM there is a lot of excitement about showing what’s new in the market and what will be coming in the next 12-24 months.

”We have seen an increase in the interest for our brand, our new colours and new designs during the years. Many of our customers come to our stand for inspiration and to see what they should focus on for the coming year, and that of course is the biggest praise we can get”, Sanne Protin says, and adds ”in connection with receiving a Børsen Gazelle, we must also thank our customers and partners, who have all been an integral part of enabling us to achieve the Børsen Gazelle”.

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