Værløse, 30 June 2017

DAN-FORM celebrates 25 years with Danish design

In May 2017, DAN-FORM turned a milestone; 25 years in the furniture industry, delivering Danish designed quality furniture under the slogan "Affordable Luxury for Everyone".

Back in 1992, Jørgen Mensen founded DAN-FORM after designing his very first bentwood chair called JACKPOT in his own basement. Since then, the company has grown and become an internationally renowned design and manufacturing company in the furniture industry.

DAN-FORM takes pride in its ability to stay current with contemporary designs that fit into both residential homes and the contract market such as bars, restaurants, hotels and more, and sales prove that the quality lives up to the expectations.

Sanne Protin, CEO at DAN-FORM says "Over the last couple of years we've re-focused our range to get back to the core of DAN-FORM designs. We've seen a solid increase in sales and our customers tell us they appreciate the consistent quality, the high design value and the reasonable price point."
To celebrate the great results over the past 25 years, DAN-FORM invited both employees and agents and their partners/spouses to a lavish 2 day celebration at both Bernstorff Slot, a small castle, and in Copenhagen around New Harbour.

Sanne Protin, CEO of DAN-FORM says "It has taken hard work to get to where we are today. We have a close team - almost like a family - working to take DAN-FORM to the next level. Our team effort is why we are doing so well today.

This is just a small gesture to thank our team, and show how much we appreciate the great work they do. We hope to have as much to celebrate over the next many years", Sanne Protin says.

DAN-FORM has plans to expand further into international markets, to build on the about 75% export they have today.

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