Hoersholm, 2 April 2019

DAN-FORM donates furniture
to Danish Red Cross

In connection with the move of DAN-FORM’s headquarters to Hoersholm and a promising first half of the fiscal year, DAN-FORM has opted for a larger cleanup exercise in its warehouses, at the former head quarters in Vaerloese and at the main warehouse in Hatting close to Horsens. The cleanup has resulted in tables and chairs worth over 600,000 DKK to be written off and donated to Danish Red Cross.

”The products we have chosen to write off is furniture that we no longer have in our range, chairs where we just have one left and photo samples. We have donated it to Danish Red Cross to support a good cause instead of having to discard it. It makes sense to us from an environmental standpoint as well as from a socioeconomic point of view.” says DAN-FORM’s CEO, Sanne Protin.

Claus H. Nielsen, Center Manager for Red Cross’ Recycling Center and Responsible for Red Cross’ physical shops in Denmark, says: ”We are very pleased with DAN-FORM’s donation of furniture and that they want to support the work of Red Cross. Recycling is a central part of Danish Red Cross and the sales from our shops make a huge different. Every year we earn millions of kroner for our humanitarian work through the sales of donated clothes, shoes, furniture and home accessories.

The money is used for our humanitarian efforts locally, such as supporting the lonely, summer camps for vulnerable families, Christmas aid etc., as well as for our Disaster Relief Emergency Fund. Therefore, DAN-FORM’s donation supports our work both nationally and internationally.”

DAN-FORM moved its headquarters to a new location in Hoersholm on 1 March 2019 to a charming renovated farm house with larger offices and a larger show room.

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