Værløse, 1 November 2016

New Sales Manager at DAN-FORM

Max Jørgensen joins the DAN-FORM team on November 1st. He brings a wealth of experience from almost 20 years in the furniture industry, both retail and wholesale.

Max Jørgensen joins the team after returning to Denmark after almost 20 years in the United States. Max has worked in a tough and competitive furniture market in both retail and wholesale and therefore brings a solid experience to the DAN-FORM team on how to effectively sell our furniture.

DAN-FORM sells to more than 50 countries around the world and is on a steep growth path.

Max has owned and run several furniture stores in the US, focusing on Danish design. He has also worked for and with Danish, Chinese and Italien wholesale buinesses such as Actona Company, Domitalia IT and KUKA HOME.

Today, Max is thrilled to have set up a base in Denmark from which his job will be to consolidate and expand DAN-FORM's position in the market. One of his first tasks will be to re-introduce DAN-FORM to the American fair, High Point 2016 in North Carolina in October.

”Of course we will make the most of Max's connections in the American market", says Sanne Protin, DAN-FORM's CEO. She also has good connections ”over there” and has known Max professionally for years.

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