Hørsholm, 12 October 2020

DAN-FORM’s founder sells majority to investment company

Swedish investor Röko acquires 70%

Today, furniture design company DAN-FORM Denmark announces that the Swedish investment company Röko has purchased 70% of DAN-FORM’s shares.
Founder and now former chairman of DAN-FORM, Jørgen Mensen, retains 10% of the shares and CEO Sanne Protin continues owning 20% of the shares.

Jørgen Mensen hands Tomas Billing the baton in the shape of DAN-FORM’s bestseller chair “HYPE”.

Over the years, and in particular the last 3-4 years, DAN-FORM’s growth has accelerated, resulting in significant profit and several prizes such as Børsen Gazelle 2019 and Successful Business 2020.

DAN-FORM’s CEO Sanne Protin says: “We were determined to find a company that would allow DAN-FORM to continue in its current form on a day-to-day basis. We feel we have the absolute best fit with Röko in terms of management approach and our vision for DAN-FORM’s future. And the fact that Röko’s objective is to never sell a company and remain the long term owner, gives DAN-FORM and our team reassurance that this is more than just a short term investment; Röko will be our close business partner for many years to come”.

CEO, Sanne Protin, continues; “We are all thrilled to welcome Röko as our new majority owner and I am excited at the prospect of DAN-FORM benefitting from the Röko team’s solid experience, fresh input and their broad network”.

Founder, Jørgen Mensen, adds: “Through 28 years DAN-FORM has developed from a small company, to an international player in the furniture market, and I am immensely proud of what the DAN-FORM team has achieved together”.

Taking over the chairman position from Jørgen Mensen, will be Tomas Billing, the chairman of Röko.