Ebbe Gehl

Ebbe Gehl has a vast experience in the furniture industry.
Ebbe was originally trained as a cabinetmaker at Rud Rasmussen's Snedkerier in Copenhagen. He then went on to study furniture architecture from Copenhagen School of Decorative Arts, and in 1970 he co-founded Nissen & Gehl, a design company.

Today, Ebbe designs furniture for companies in Europe, Thailand and China to name a few.

"Renewing Danish design
with a focus on both form and function

Tradition & Renewal

Ebbe has a playful approach to shaping new designs. With an apt for designs that stand the test of time, Ebbe interprets Danish design traditions and apply modernity.
Over the years, his designs have earned him awards as well as international recognition.

DAN-FORM designs by Ebbe Gehl

Here are the designs by Ebbe Gehl, currently in the DAN-FORM range.


Pebble earth bouclé fabric with black ash legs

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